Beautiful funeral flowers, wreaths and tributes for Rental Preston

Give your loved ones the send off they deserve

Have you ever followed a funeral hearse and its had no beautiful flowers in it?

It can be very sad, but is understandable as florists can be very expensive at a time when a loved one has passed away and emotions are high but the budget is tight.

Would you love to give them a beautiful floral tribute that is fitting to them? Would you like to pay less than half the cost of real flowers, that will only wilt and die a couple of days after?

Well here we are…. Farewell flowers Preston.

We can help provide quality silk floral tributes that are good for the environment and personal to your loved one that will look stunning in the hearse. Our arrangements will be aesthetically pleasing on leaving the funeral too.

We have a variety of different floral tributes with different colour schemes. We will always colour co-ordinate so the package matches e.g.

Pink ‘Mum’, Pink wreath, pink coffin spray.

We will do everything for you, so do not worry. We will deliver the package of your choice to your chosen funeral home to give you peace of mind at your time of grief.